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Cars can be frustrating, your car’s transmission in particular. Recently, a comedian on TV joked that his car always seemed to know when he had extra money because it would always need to be repaired on those occasions. People with older cars – more so than people with newer cars – can closely identify with this problem. What isn’t funny is the cost benefit analysis people with older or problem transmissions in particular end up making. Many people end up wondering if they would be better off having their transmission repaired or having it replaced when they encounter problems with them.

If the transmission has failed altogether th"transmission repair Houston"en the decision about whether to repair or replace it has already been made for you. While it is an expense that most people dread, replacing a transmission is usually less costly than replacing an entire engine and certainly less expensive than buying a new vehicle. The other thing to consider is if the entire car is worth it. If your car has quite a few miles left on it, then it may be worth it to replace a transmission whose problems are becoming more and more expensive to repair. For faulty transmission components in which removal of the entire transmission is required, a rebuild of the transmission may also be indicated.

If, on the other hand, problems with your transmission have been infrequent and repairing it does not require the removal of entire components, then repair might be a better option than rebuilding or replacing it. If, upon inspecting your vehicle we determine that the parts are within manufacturer specifications then repair might be recommended over a replacement or rebuild.

Ultimately, no transmission will be totally new since manufacturers reserve new transmission for new cars.  After consulting with you, we can make the determination about which is the best option for your situation and your car. What it all boils down to is this: are the trips back and forth to the local mechanic costing you more than it would to simply have another transmission installed? If so then consider a rebuild or replacement (after consulting with one of our professionals).

Whether you are having minor problems with your transmission or major ones, we are a transmission shop in Houston that can help you by providing you with expert advice, professional service and an iron clad guarantee of our services, our personnel, our labor and our parts. When your transmission is growing faultier by the day it is no laughing matter and we treat your car and you with the utmost care and respect.