Are you someone who does a lot of towing with your vehicle? Do you live in a particularly hot climate? Do you do a lot of steep hill climbing in your truck, car or van? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then it may be a good idea to have a transmission cooler installed into your vehicle. After all, transmission heat is one of the main reasons for transmission failure and driving habits directly affect the temperature of many of your car’s systems. The transmission is no exception. So what does a transmission cooler do? First some facts: The perfect temperature for a transmission is less than 170°. Every 20° increase in fluid temperature can cut the lifespan of your transmission by up to half. For people with unique driving habits – such as those stated – the heat damage caused by this increase can be even more significant.

Transmission coolers work by sending heated fluid from the transmission to the radiator then to the cooler. Air moving over the fins of the cooler lowers the fluid’s temperature. This cooler fluid is then sent back to the transmission lowering its temperature. There are basically three kinds of cooler which includes tube and fin, plate and fin, and stacked plate types. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Tube and fin coolers are generally inexpensive and ideal for older cars but are not recommended for overdrive transmissions. Plate and fin coolers are smaller and more efficient than tube and fin coolers but are more expensive. Finally, stacked plate coolers are smaller and more efficient than either tube or plate and fin types but are also more expensive than either. However, the expense can be offset by the fact that all three can extend the life of your transmission significantly. Each qu28268_800does so by making your transmission run cooler which decreases costs and increases fuel economy. The result of your transmission running cooler is that the fluid you put into it can better protect transmission components. The decreased costs come with reducing the probability that your transmission will need to be repaired or replaced. Lastly, coolers increase your vehicle’s fuel economy since it makes the transmission and the engine work more efficiently.

Thus, if you are someone who feels that you may need a transmission cooler installed to accommodate your driving habits, Mr. Transmission has the professionals who can help. We excel in installing used transmissions in Houston and surrounding areas and can give you tips on how to extend the life of your current unit. We are also experienced with rebuilt transmissions in Houston and can help you when the time comes where you may have to decide that a rebuild is the best solution to your car problems.