Replacing your car’s transmission is probably the most important decision you’ll make after the decision you made when you first purchased your vehicle.  Just as when you bought your car, you’ll want to do some research about transmissions especially if you are going to buy a used transmission.  Just as when you bought your car you’ll want to consider more than price when making the right selection. Questions to ask Your Mechanic Here are a few tips to making the right choice in choosing a good used transmission plus some questions you should ask yourself and your mechanic.

Tips to Choosing a Good Transmission

  • Don’t be too cheap: Everyone has a budget in mind when getting major work done on their car.  However, it’s important to be realistic and to not obsess over trying to save money when buying a new or used transmission.  After all, your safety is paramount in such a decision.  To this end, you should avoid buying a used transmission from a junkyard.  The warranty on junkyard transmissions is usually very short and it is difficult to determine just how old the transmission is.
  • Check compatibility: Make sure the transmission will be a match for your engine’s needs.  If you have any questions about this ask a qualified mechanic before making the decision to purchase a used transmission.
  • Know the warranty: Make sure the transmission you buy has a good, long-lasting warranty.

Questions to ask Your Mechanic

Of course the decision about which transmission to buy is just one step to replacing your current transmission.  You will also need to some ask the person who installs it some questions to make sure you are choosing the right professional for the job.  At Mr. Transmission in Houston, we welcome your questions of our professionals and feel confident we can answer all of them to your satisfaction.  Some of the questions customers may wish to ask include:

  • How much experience do you have? This is probably the single most important thing to know about your mechanic regardless of the automotive component he or she will be working on.  At Mr. Transmission, we have over thirty years of experience servicing transmissions.  We can handle an automatic transmission as easily as we can handle a manual transmission.
  • Is your technology up to date? Transmission and car components in general are very complex these days.  We use state of the art diagnostic equipment to diagnose your transmission’s performance.
  • Do you guarantee your work? We stand by the work of our mechanics and can guarantee their work.

Yes, with these tips and these questions in mind a difficult decision can be made a lot easier.  You chose the car you drive carefully.  You should make the decision about which transmission to buy carefully as well.  Choose professionals who are experienced and who guarantee their work.  Saving money is always desirable and making the right decision when it comes to a replacement or rebuilt transmission can save money in the long run and ensure the safety of you and your family.