All over the Internet there are various estimates on how long a rebuilt transmission can be expected to last.  Some sites claim that they are expected to last no longer than 90 days while others use mileage as the metric to a car’s life.  These sites claim that transmissions are expected to extend the mileage of your car to anywhere between 50k to 100k miles.  Actually, the question of how long you can expect a quality transmission to last is a little more complex.  The best answer to this question depends on how the owner treats the rebuilt transmission. Car-Breakdown For owners who dread the prospect of having to repeat the process of getting a rebuilt transmission here are some tips for extending the life of this investment in your car.

  • Have the rebuilt transmission serviced regularly: There is nothing benign about neglect.  Change the oil and filter every 20k miles, have a transmission flush every 40k miles and have your mechanic adjust the bands every 60k miles.  By doing these things (or having a mechanic you trust do these things) you will help extend the life of your rebuilt transmission significantly and put it on the high end of those estimates regarding transmission duration.
  • Use synthetic transmission fluid: Although it tends to be expensive, synthetic transmission fluid holds up better to heat than petroleum based fluids.  Excessive heat can greatly damage a rebuilt transmission and shorten its life significantly.  The one caveat to this tip is that you should consult with your mechanic before you change your transmission fluid.
  • Buy a transmission cooler: We’ve talked about them before on this blog but an excellent buffer against transmission overheating is a good, quality cooler.  Temperatures in excess of 200 degrees can shorten the life of your transmission and affect performance.  To remedy this, buy a cooler that has a fan and mount the cooler in the line coming out of the factory cooler.

At Houston Transmission Repair we want to make sure that you have accurate and complete information about one of the most important parts of any car.  We know that how long a transmission last depends on the above factors.  We also know that transmission repair/replacement is a costly procedure that our customers are not likely to want to repeat.  While many sites and mechanics may ball park how long a rebuilt transmission, we make sure you get the complete picture.  We also make sure that your investment pays off in a transmission that will have all the vitality of a re manufactured transmission.  Of course, that is provided you treat your investment with care.  In the end, the best answer to the question of how long you can expect a transmission to last is that it depends on how the owner treats the rebuilt transmission and the expertise of the people performing the rebuild.