Ben Franklin, an Ounce of Prevention and Mr. Transmission


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Founding Father, Statesman, inventor and jack-of-all trades, Benjamin Franklin is famous for having coined the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Actually, at the time Franklin was referring to fire prevention but this adage can be applied to many areas of life. One area where this saying is especially true is car maintenance in general and transmission servicing in particular. After all, this is why every car comes with a manual. This is to help us take the necessary steps in order to prevent our own fires – figuratively speaking.

At Mr. Transmission our certified professionals can help diagnose small problems with your transmission that may one day develop into a larger and costlier problem in the future. If you’ve had chronic issues such as rough shifting, delayed engagement, leaking fluid or some other sign that have developed, you may at some point need a rebuilt transmission. We know about and can check everything that might be wrong with your transmission because all our skilled technicians are certified professionals.

We provide free diagnostic checks with state-of-the-art equipment so that you can be assured that we will get the bottom your transmission problems. Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. It is complicated and not understood by many people. It is a combination of sophisticated hydraulics and computer controlled components. Leaving it to someone without the necessary knowledge, skills and training could be a costly mistake.

Of course, things do happen. Problems that perhaps should not have been ignored like your transmission making noise as it moves into neutral, slipping gears or grinding and shaking can grow into larger problems. At this point, major work becomes necessary. We not only guarantee our work but we offer special discounts if major repair is needed. That is why for transmission repair in Houston we are so well trusted. We service transmissions in Houston, Channelview, Deer Park and surrounding areas.

Of course, it is best to know and pay attention to all the symptoms of transmission problems from the start and to follow your manual’s recommended service checkpoints. Transmission fluid should be checked and changed when necessary, the cooling system should be serviced, the engine should be tuned when needed and other things. In conclusion, Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin’s famous adage is correct especially and when applied to automobiles. The professionals at Mr. Transmission can keep your car running at top efficiency. When you do need a pound or so of cure, our friendly service, reasonable rates and expertise with transmissions will help make your problems go away.